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Hey Jed...Sorry I'm just now getting here. Kept saying fatal error and not allowing me to post.

I figured it out though and I have posted response to both your blogs (about dating multiples, that post my generate hate mail but to that I say "bring it" and I had some advice about the boyfriend with the toupee') I even included an extra origina blog here so PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME!

ANYWAY, per your request...I would like to submit on #1:

1. I believe that all humans are naturally bisexual (except for dudes, that's gross) what is your take on hooking up with girls. Is it different then hooking up with guys?

bisexuality...hmmmm. (I'm going to love this job if I get it as these are all topics I have pondered and now I can blog about them!) Anyway, let me wipe the poop of my nose and get down to business.

Do I think all humans are bisexual? I think everyone thinks about it, or tries to make sense of it...maybe they even picture how it would feel, but the thought alone doesn't define them as bisexual.

I mean I have thought about dropping babies and driving off bridges but that doesn't mean that I'm a suicidal maniac who's mother didn't hug her enough.

The topic more or less is what do I think about terd burglars verses carpet munchers (wow...I just said terd burglar in a job interview!)

My first kiss was my best friend Sarah. We were 13. We sat Indian style in front of one another, eyes wide open, mouths wide open with tounges like wiggling fish. But we were dating the most popular boys in school and we wanted to be "skilled" for them. It was innocent.

As we got older, my friends and I would kiss or grab each others tits and such to get a rise out of people! We'd hold hands and giggle so we portrayed the pillow fighting sisters all the boys lusted after. It was all for show.

The first time I felt lust for a girl, was in college. My roommate was a topless dancer and I'd go watch her sometimes just cause it was a place I could go as a minor and drink. She was hot in a porno sense. Like how Reese Witherspoon is wholesome hot and Angelina is porno hot, this girl just reeked of sex. She was graceful and erotic. She danced with her eyes closed and she touched herself on stage. What was I suppose to think about, School?

I danced for awhile. Just to see what it was like... I wasn't paying tuition, I didn't have kids or a deadbeat boyfriend like the rest of the girls. I just liked seeing women using "female" to their advantage.It was something I had done my whole life, the pillow fight sister remember?

The best part of it all was, I was a virgin when I started dancing. A virgin stripper. I spent hours on end with over sexualized women and pervert grabby men so of course, I was more comfortable with girls. Still I wouldn't have my first encounter till years later.

After I got out of college, I met women. Business women and those were the true vultures that did me in. These girls were powerhouses. They were vicious and plotting...i.e. SEXIER THAN HELL! When they worked it was all work, but when they played...I was constantly nervous cause they really partied.

We'd drink wine and talk about EVERYTHING and I made the remark that it takes men so long to... figure out my buttons. My girl friends sympathized and insisted I needed a womans touch. All my girlfriends have serious relationships. All extreme divas, nothing butch about em'. Never the less, they were wild.

TIMEOUT: [God this next part is going to sound like I'm making it up and if we don't have to post this on the actual site that'd be good cause these girls are still my best friends. But you wanted honest....]

I'll spare the details as you can imagine where I'm going with it. I was curious. It happened...and not to ruin it for you but it sucked. I wasn't into it, they didn't know what they were doing and they bragged like they did. And....gulp...there odor.
BUT I did it, and now I think that chapter is over for me.

I think for most people IF it happens, it happens like that. Out of drunken wonderment.

If I'm dating a guy and i hook up with a girl would I consider it cheating? Nah...cause I know I'd be doing it just for the experience. A guy could use the same defense BUT if he is my guy, he's getting dumped, as that is just a bit too much for me to take.

God I could go on with this subject for hours as I have so many other antic dots but I'll finish with my take on men.

There is no question about it, men on men is a stomach turner. I see lesbians and it is so much easier to take for me than gay guys. Maybe cause Butch women come off as men so it seems less far fetched? It's a double standard I know, but its the way it is with me.

Maybe cause gay men are typically good looking, maybe I find it offensive that I can be attracted to them and they don't want me? It screws with my sense of what's right.

In my men is to jenny as jenny is to hot man. When people get in the way of that...of course I'm going to whine!

Lastly I don't really think you can compare hooking up with women and hooking up with men as they are polar opposites. It'd be like me asking you asking if I'd want to take a vacaton or get married. One is a temporary high, for the sake of the experience and memories. The other is for growth and companionship.

The whole time I was with the girls, I had this inner dialog going "so, I'm doin it. I'm down on a this is strange and ick what's that stench?" But when I'm with a guy it more "this guy is so hot, it this for fun or are we gonna date...god, we look good together"

And to make one final point, as someone who has had sex with both I ask you this: If you are hungry, are you going to want to pick up your food and shove it INSIDE your mouth or are you going to want to rub in all over your face?!!!!!

It's a question of satisfaction, a question of IN verses ON.....I say IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IININININnn nnnnnn iiiiiiiiiiiIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IN!


my thoughts on cyber stigma

Filed under: Posts — tz4fun @ 10:46:48 pm

Sometimes I have to wonder how I ended up marketing myself on the net. I was the homecoming queen, captian of varsity squad. I'm cute! I'm normal. So what am I doing here?

The answer is easy...I'm addicted to shopping!

That's basically what we are doing here right? Shopping for friends, perhaps more,as we do shoes or a vacation. From photos and a few choice quotes we decide to "add to cart" or in this case, add to life. A bit more drastic maybe but I'm a "what the hell" kinda girl!

Almost all my friends have tried one of these sites before, they've all done it. My friend Jane didn't pay for one meal last month. You go Jane!

(that wasn't nice was it? Sorry. She's clever. You can't take that away from her!)

What I want to know is if so many people are doing this, why is it that when I tell people about a chat I had or a funny blog I read, they look at me as though I have a booger in my nose.

There's 40 Million people on-line. I personally belong to three sites. I take pride im my profile. I think it helps me weed through the crap, personal assistant for the social arena more or less.

I call myself tz4fun, it's been my email handle since I was 16. In a sense, I wear it like a medal of honor. Not that I get some sort of sick pleasure out of teasing people. But let's be honest, if you send me a picture of your shirtless torso or if there is a guy named "Rick" that looks freakishly like David Beckham, you're asking for it!

I just get a thrill out of meeting as many people as I can. Chatting to strangers, chatting till they no longer seem strange. It's almost like a soap opera. A million mini stories within one huge series. A place where people come and go and anything can happen.

I'm not nieve but I am comfortable here. Sometimes I get too comfortable (think twice about buying a webcam as it tends to nurture your inner exhibitionist...don't ask)

Anyway, I want to say that I'm a huge supporter of people. I collect them. All shapes, sizes and colors. I can promise to entertain you with my antics as I'm clumbsy in love, high on life...a bit intense and a lot impulsive. I'm spoiled and seductive with a dry, blunt humor. I lack that part of the brain that allows me to candy coat things so my apologies if my posts are not PC or G rated.

Get to know'll have a blast!

Anyway, before I go let me leave you with some "cyber supplements":

First, if you see a hot guy/girl on this site, think twice about sending a "what brings somoene like you to a place like this" email.

Second, unless you're positive you are chatting with an actual celebrity on the red carpet, it might be considered offensive to ask someone what they are wearing.

and third, always check my blog as I tend to get myself into some sticky situations with this stuff. Curious? (watch for my next blog titled: 35 days...they might end up making a movie about this one someday)

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